Bucking Bull – the roast experts for all your catering needs

Joondalup United would like to thank Bucking Bull for their sponsorship and support throughout the 2018 season.

For all our junior teams out there, you may have noticed man of the match vouchers from the Bucking Bull catering company handed out by the coaches after every match.

These vouchers were kindly donated by someone you may have heard of before, former Joondalup Mayor and supporter of the club Troy Pickard.

As the city of Joondalup Mayor, Troy Pickard was the only member of council to stick his neck out for the club publicly and push our cause at the highest level, a stance that made him many enemies in the local community.

If local councils had more people like Troy who were more interested in serving the community as opposed to serving themselves, we would all truly benefit.

The club would like to this this opportunity once again to thank Troy publicly for all his help over the years and for highlighting our plight.

Hopefully the beating we have taken over these last few years will reap reward in the coming years.

Turning back to business, Troy has been involved with Bucking Bull for a number of years and has numerous franchises all around the metro area.

People may not know that a major arm of this business is catering and, as we start to head into the festive season, we ask that you keep Troy and his catering capabilities in mind.

A link to his website can be found here so if this looks like something that would benefit or help you out then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and also let him or his lovely wife Felicity know you are from JUFC when placing an order.

Thanks again to Troy and all of our sponsors for their backing during season 2018.

Stephen Martin
Club President