Joondalup United with Paul at the Olympics

JUFC interview with Paul Burgess, father to Danil Burgess, Under 6s Cluster player. Paul also happens to be a former world number one (1) pole vaulter and three (3) time Olympian.


JUFC: How are you and how are you feeling for another Olympics? First time as a coach?
PB: I’m excited and the athletes are even more excited. It’s been an extra long wait for this because of COVID. It will be different but still really special.

JUFC: How is your route there? What prep did you have to go through?
PB: We prepare mostly in Queensland where the weather is warmer and more like Tokyo will be. We will do a bunch of competitions over June and July and then fly straight in and out of Tokyo.

JUFC: How long will you be away from family?
PB: I have decided to bring the family for a little while to avoid being apart from them too much. Still, I will be away from them for nearly 6weeks as I will need to do 2 weeks quarantine whe I get back from Japan.

JUFC: How did you get to know about Joondalup United?
PB: One of Danil’s friends plays for the club and they wanted to play together.

JUFC: How is Danil liking football and playing with his team mates?
PB: He loves it! It’s been nice to see a steady improvement from all the kids from week to week.

JUFC: Would you like him to follow your footsteps?
PB: I’m not going to force him or stop him. I’ll let him find what he likes and I’ll support that.

JUFC: What’s the target for Japan?
PB: It’s hard to predict but anything could happen. The first goal will be to reach the final… from there anything can happen.

JUFC: How many athletes are under you and who are they?
PB: I have 4 athletes trying to make the team for Tokyo. Nina Kennedy and Elizabeth Parnova are the girls I coach. Kurtis Marschall and Angus Armstrong are the boys.

Good luck to Paul and the Australian contingent from all of us at Joondalup United Football Club!

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Picture credit: Paul Burgess, Dreamstime, AOC, BBC Sport

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