Welcome to Joondalup United Football Club (JUFC) and the section for our Junior Community teams.

JUFC is a not for profit, community based junior and senior club located in the northern suburbs of the Perth greater area.

JUFC is proud of its culture, built on being a “family friendly” club.

We believe that junior sport should be safe, enjoyable, inclusive and maximise individual participation. We believe that positive experiences in junior competition will contribute to children delivering a lifelong love of the sport.

JUFC caters for boys and girls from under 6s to 16s. Our 6 to 11 age groups participate under “Mini Roos – Small Sided Football” rules where we focus on enjoyment and freedom of expression.

We are a club focused on player development and provide opportunities for all to enjoy and play football regardless of ability, age or gender.

Our coaching staff provide high quality coaching to all our teams and we strive to make all our decisions in the best interests of the players.

Teams are not graded on skill, and coaching is delivered to ensure equal playing time for all, making new friends, and always providing a safe environment.

It is amazing how a simple football can put a smile on the faces of children everywhere, no matter their situation!