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Joondalup United FC Under 18s: A New Chapter Unfolds with Head Coach Edward Cross

As the curtain rises on the upcoming season, Joondalup United Football Club’s Under 18s find themselves in the midst of a transformative phase. With a focus on continuity and development, the team strategically retains players from within the club, seamlessly transitioning promising NPL juniors into the Under 18 side.

At the wheel of this rejuvenated squad is the newly appointed Head Coach, Edward Cross. His arrival brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of coaching insight to the team, setting the stage for a dynamic collaboration that aims to propel the Under 18s to new heights.

While the previous season might not have yielded the desired outcome, the team approaches the upcoming challenges with optimism and a collective determination to improve. The setbacks of the past have become stepping stones for growth, and the Under 18s are poised to demonstrate resilience and progress under Coach Cross’s guidance.

With a blend of experienced players and emerging talent, Joondalup United FC Under 18s look forward to a season of renewal, strategic development, and the pursuit of excellence on the football field. As the club nurtures its own from within and embraces a new coaching era, anticipation builds for the positive strides that lie ahead for this ambitious and talented young team.

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