Blaine Merredew’s Guiding Vision: A New Dawn for Joondalup United FC in the 2024 Season.

Under the guidance of the recently appointed Head Coach, Blaine Merredew, an accomplished ex-State Player, Joondalup United Football Club is on the brink of a new and promising era.

With a strategic vision centred on achieving a robust start, Coach Merredew is keen on a blend of fresh talent infusion and the retention of seasoned players to fortify the squad’s overall strength.

The team’s dedication to excellence is mirrored in their rigorous training regimen, taking place at Beldon Park every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm.

As the squad aspires to make a significant mark in the upcoming amateur night series, scheduled for February and March before the regular season begins, the collective commitment to preparation and synergy under Coach Merredew’s guidance sets a promising tone for the club’s endeavours on the football pitch.

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