A message from the President – JUFC fundraisers

JUFC President Stephen Martin discusses the club’s recent fundraising initiatives and their great success in generating revenue.

Now that the dust has settled on a frenetic period for the club I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the JUFC mid-season function (race night) and quiz night and who also participated in the club raffle.

As a club with no proper home base or facilities, we have always placed a big emphasis on fundraising. The mid-season function and quiz night are great opportunities for everyone to get together for a drink and a laugh while raising money for the club.

The club raffle has massive potential to the and is ultimately successful if every member does their part and sells their minimal allotment of tickets. It’s all about spreading responsibility among all of us.

Historically, getting members to buy into fundraising activities was hard; it had put a massive strain on the committee and volunteers. Trying to organise things such as Bunnings barbecues and the like several times over a season requiring 20 odd volunteers every time for minimal reward just became too hard.

The club raffle was seen as an easy way to allow club members to sell tickets to friends, co-workers and family members and help raise money for the club to assist with future capital improvements. It has proven its success and will be around for seasons to come.

To all the members who sold their ten tickets and to the members who went over and above their minimum allotment of ten, the club thanks you very much.

Our first club raffle was held back in 2016 and when all was said and done, the club made around $11,500.

In season 2018 with a much greater impetus and lessons learned from the 2016 raffle, the profits were around $24,000 after prizes and expenses were covered. This is more than double and represents a massive improvement.

Saying that though, we did have higher expectations given the size of the club and this is something that will be looked at a bit more in season 2019.

As mentioned previously, there were a few members who went over and above and sold a lot more than their original allotment of ten tickets.  The two highest ticket sellers in the club were:

James Bosdet:   NPL First Team                  132 Tickets

Wesley Rowe:   NPL Under 13s                 120 Tickets

It was an absolutely massive effort and just goes to show you that selling ten tickets should not present much of an issue when people out there are shifting this many.

To recap the winners and ticket numbers:

1st Place:              Paul Rustidge                                     Ticket #4905

2nd Place              Danny and Jodie Dimitrovich           Ticket #6352

3rd Place               Shai Cheyne                                       Ticket #2049

The raffle tickets did mention the results would be posted in the West Australian on the Monday following the draw but this should have read club social media, an oversight when rolling over the tickets from the 2016 raffle so apologies to anyone who went looking for the results in the paper.

All that remains in the club social space for season 2018 are the end of season presentation nights for the juniors and seniors.

Details will be advised on this shortly and we are hoping it will be a great way to round out another season.

Stephen Martin
Club President

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