Joondalup United Football Club Secures Approval for Prince Regent Park Upgrade

JOONDALUP UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB is thrilled to announce that the City of Joondalup has included upgrades to Prince Regent Park toilet change rooms in its 5 year Capital Works Program. This monumental milestone marks a significant turning point in the club’s history and promises a brighter future for both its junior players and the wider community.

The eagerly anticipated upgrade will transform Prince Regent Park, currently serving as the club’s junior base. The project includes the construction of essential amenities such as larger unisex change rooms, umpire room, external storage facilities, and kiosk providing a more comprehensive and comfortable experience for players and supporters alike.

Work on the two-pitch ground upgrade is expected to commence in the first half of 2024, heralding an exciting era of growth and development for Joondalup United Football Club.

Club President Ghaz Ramli expressed his jubilation, stating, “This is fantastic news for the club. For years, we have been grappling with insufficient facilities, especially for our junior members. This upgrade is a testament to our commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering a strong football community.”

Ramli went on to extend his gratitude, saying, “I would like to thank everyone who supported us during the community consultation period. We received overwhelming support from the wider community, which played a crucial role in making this project a reality. We would also like to thank the City of Joondalup for their unwavering support and collaboration throughout the upgrade process.”

Our rally for support back in May which received overwhelming positive feedback. Source JUFC
Among the key upgrades by the City of Joondalup. Source JUFC

Joondalup United Football Club is now gearing up for the eagerly anticipated 2024 season trials. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding trial dates, as the club looks forward to welcoming new talent and achieving greater success on the pitch.

For expression of interest for the 2024 season – please register HERE.

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